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RRRants Christmas Special, Perch & Co., Croxely Green
18 December 2016
The Antipoet, Poeterry, Joe Lambton, Mango Stone, Dodobones,
Shadwell Smith, Sp., Murray Shelmerdine, Mat Lloyd and Chris Norton Walker.

RRRANTS Presents: 'Kaillie's Benefit', Hemel Hempstead Football Club
9 December 2016
The Antipoet, Polkabilly Circus, Caution Horses, Philfy Phil, Chris Norton-Walker and Richard Frost.

Teashop Tales at Christmas: Yuletide stories For Adults, Queen's Wood Cafe, Muswell Hill
8 December 2016
Will Hames, Andy Gleeks and Paul Eccentric, with Dave Martin and Betty Davies.

Teashop Tales, Queen's Wood Cafe, Muswell Hill
10 November 2016
Simon David, Andi Jarret-Johnson and Paul Eccentric, with Betty Davis and Dave Martin.

Lyrical Cabaret, Perch & Co., Croxley Green
30 October 2016
The Antipoet, Poeterry, Richard Frost, Vanessa, Philfy Phil, Brian & Krystall, Lobby Lud, Starseedz, Jammie Sammy, Robin Boot.

TEASHOP TALES, Queen's Wood Cafe, Muswell Hill
13th October 2016
Mel Jones, Cheryl McLennan, Peter Kennedy, Murray Shelmerdine & Paul Eccentric

Teashop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
5 August 2016
Simon David with Andrew Neil Carpenter, Gerry King and Poeterry.

Teashop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
1 July 2016
Paul Eccentric with Dave Florez; David Goo; Simon David and Lucy Gowdy

Teashop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
3 June 2016
Paul Eccentric, Ralph Keats, Liam Farmer Malone and Alan Wolfson.

Teashop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
6 May 2016
Paul Eccentric with Will Hames, Meera Betab and Vanessa Horton

Kenyan School Special, Coco Café, Croxley Green
24 April 2016
The Antipoet, Athena Kugblenu, Philfy Phil, David Goo, President Obonjo, Chris Norton Walker Poeterry and Li Li.

Tea Shop Tales Short Story Festival 2016, The Queen's Wood Cafè, N10 3JP
2 April 2016

Paul Eccentric, Simon David, Dave Florez, Helena Halme, Andy Gibney, Murray Shelmerdine, Simon Cleary, Mike West, Cerh May, Meera Betab, Liam Malone, Cecilia Delatori, Poeterry and Shadwell Smith.

Tea Shop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
1 April 2016
Simon David, Simon Cleary and Poeterry.

Tea Shop Tales, The Teabox, Richmond
4 March 2016

Kate Walton, Mike West, Meera Betab and Paul Eccentric.

NEW FOR 2016: 'Tea Shop Tales', The Teabox, Richmond
5 February 2015

David Goo, Richard Frost and Meera Betab.