The home of equal opportunities, non-competitive poetry, songwriting, comedy, parody and storytelling.

The RRRants objective has always been to give a springboard to new and emerging talent, and a platform to more established, pigeon-hole defying artistes in need of fresh and exciting new networking opportunities in the live and recorded mediums.

Since 2009 we have showcased more than 350 artistes; nurtured and coached a wealth of first time performers; published and found publishers for poets and storytellers; recorded and found broadcast opportunities for singers, songwriters and comedic talents, and offered regular live performance spots at our various monthly shows in London and the home counties to the weird, the wired and the wonderful.

The RRRants Collective is a NON-PROFIT making organisation. Any money raised through our shows or sales is used to buy contemporary poetry books which we then donate to schools and libraries (for
details, see BARDAID); helping to inspire the next generation of writers and performers.

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RRRANTIN' History...

The RRRants Collective was formed in 2009 by Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman of The Antipoet and Donna Daniels-Moss, their manager, along with a ragtag bunch of poets and musicians, who had been finding it increasingly difficult to find the gigs to suit their peculiar talents.

The idea was first mooted when the open mic evening, at The Flint Cottage pub, High Wycombe (the place where this merry band had first met), closed down to become a restaurant. The stragglers; namely The Antipoet, Philfy Phil, Poeterry, Steve Joy, Jen Good and Artwist, roamed the countryside for a few weeks trying their hand on the open mic circuit, but were never asked back twice. 

Along the way they found other misfits such as Jammie Sammy, The Caution Horses, DodoBones, Whinging Wallis, Lobby Lud, to name but a few, and decided that what they needed was a home where they could ply their talents to a more appreciative audience. 

'RHYTHMICAL RAVINGS & RANTS' was born. With the intention of gathering together twenty five acts to alternate at four gigs a year and to be held at The Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London. The idea proved much more popular than they had expected and within a year the RRRANTS Collective had grown to more than a hundred members and made fifteen live appearances, including a stint at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

More venues followed during 2010, along with the publication of their first paperback anthology collections (RRRants 1 and RRRants 2); the birth of the BARDAID Initiative and the debut broadcasts of RRRants Radio Productions on

In 2011, we hit the festival circuit and began to attract a host of more established poets and musicians to our stages. 2012 saw the launch of both The Big BARDAID Book and a shift from printed word publishing to recorded works with the release of ten new CD collections.

And for 2015... well, there's so much more to come! 

Some of these lovely photographs have been provided courtesy of RRRants night attendees!